how to beat procrastination if you're a coach




One might look at the above three words and think that I am procrastinating on writing this blog post. I'm not (or am I? Always worth questioning!). I'm labouring the point that procrastination is a big fat waste of time. It's frustrating and annoying.

But you already know that. That's why you're here.

Procrastination happens because of one thing: fear.

You're scared to move forward. You're fearful of doing the tasks you know you need to (and actually really WANT) to do. You lose sight of what you're doing and why. Your small mind (the one based in primitive ego) goes off in a million different directions to keep you from moving forward: check instagram, watch a little Netflix, get another drink, pay that bill you've just remembered you had, ahhh, hungry now....

Your small mind may begin to whisper softly in your ear...

'You don't know what you're doing'.

'You can't do this.'

'Who are you to...'

'This is too hard'

'Maybe you should do something else'

'This is never going to work'

But if you question those thoughts, you'll find that they are rarely - if ever - true.

You do know what you're doing. Even when you don't know the answer to something specific, you know that you can find out the answer or ask for help.

You can do this. Who says you can't? Where's the proof?

This isn't too hard. Other people do it all the time. What makes you so special that you can't?

You can do this. Because you want to.

This will work. Where's the proof that it won't?

So, my greatest tip for beating procrastination (besides questioning the thoughts running through your mind, which is another bonus tip - you're welcome!) is to do this:

Write down your vision and your mission / purpose and look at it every single morning before you start work. Make sure it's the thing that REALLY, truly fires you up. That you're connected to on a deep level. That if you died and you'd contributed to this vision, you'd be happy and know that you lived life full out.

This will orient you in the right direction. It will remind you why you're doing what you're doing. It will give you energy. It will make the scary stuff seem less scary. It will push you to do things you'd otherwise... procrastinate on. It will get you to pick up the phone, connect with people, work on the stuff that matters.

I will often look at my vision and mission statements multiple times a day.

I can't guarantee that it'll be better than Disney+ (there's a rerun of the Golden Girls at the moment. I know!). But only in the moment. In the end - even at the end of the day - it'll be worth it.

Keep going world-changer!

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