for humanity

Guiding you to heal your relationship with yourself, plug into your power, and make your highest vision a reality

Your Vision Matters.

It's time it became matter.

You have a Calling. You have a vision for a joyful, fulfilling, abundant life for you, your family, the world. 

This is the most real part of you.

The rest - the negative voice in your head, the feeling of inadequacy, the fear of scarcity, is all a lie, a misunderstanding. 

And I am going to help you unravel all of it, so that you can step into your power, live the fullness of life, and serve the world in the way that only you can. 

This is a mountain with no top. You can only climb higher. Are you ready?

Let's do it.

Keep your vision hot!


Meet Elisa

Hi beautiful soul!

Like so many of us, my path has been far from straight. My past was one of abusive relationships, businesses I felt stressed in, boom/bust cycles with money, persistent self doubt, and a sense of self worth which was often in the toilet.

It wasn't until my daughter was born that I had the sudden, horrifying realisation that the best chance she had of not going through what I had experienced... was if I changed. So I did. 

I hired a coach, joined programmes and took courses... And then I knew this was the path for me - helping others transform, just like I was.

Since then, I joined the Mindvalley Coach faculty (the 1st of over 10,000 certified coaches to be asked!), have taught over 2,000 people, hosted Mindvalley's SuperCoach Immersion, and many more. And I'm still on the path - let's walk it together.

2000+ Students

Coached & Guided thousands of amazing souls across the globe

1st of 10,000+

coaches certified by Mindvalley to be asked to join the coaching team

SuperCoach Host

Host of major live events including SuperCoach Immersion & Accelerator Live


10+ years running marketing agency, host of Mindvalley's Accelerator & Certified Business Coach

Free: 101 Powerful Ideas to Elevate Your Prosperity Conscious 

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