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Deep mindset coaching and practical business and marketing advice so you can serve powerfully

Is this you?

You're a great coach who loves people and wants to serve by growing your business, but...
You feel stuck
You constantly self-sabotage 
You go blank when it comes to business models, marketing & tech
You know you're playing small
You're sporadic and unorganised in your business
You don't really have a clear plan
You feel unfulfilled, stressed & frustrated
You feel bad when it comes to charging
You get distracted by shiny objects and don't move forward

imagine what you could achieve

If you showed up like this...
You have a clear plan to grow your business 
You contribute to humanity with your unique talents and gifts 
You know what to do on a day to day basis 
You have a clear business framework in which you can be endlessly creative
You're marketing in a way that feels good to you
You are confident serving people
Your fear-based ego is transformed by love, so you're always moving forward 
You express yourself authentically and powerfully into the world
You feel fulfilled, peaceful and free
You do what you love every day
You lean into fear and play big!

IF you answered 'yes' to anything

Then you're like most coaches. Most humans, in fact! Growing a business is difficult - but the difficult part is not usually the business/marketing stuff - once you know the basic frameworks, that stuff is easy. What's hard is getting out of our own way. That's where I help


Create a vision so powerful, so tapped in to your internal fire that you can't not act! 


Understand your inherent worth, value and competence and learn how to transform fear into love


Have a clear, proven plan to grow your business -one that suits you and allows innovation

FREE resources to help you  and your coaching business grow

My EXACT framework to building an aligned, scalable and purpose-led  business 

There's nothing worse than becoming a coach because you love helping people... and then finding yourself either totally overwhelmed about how to build a business, burnt out by non-stop calls, or constanlty going through a feast / famine cycle after coaching contracts end. 
This guide will teach you how to build a scalable business that you LOVE, that's rich, varied and exciting, AND gives you more freedom, time and money. 


All coaches have blocks. Everyone does. The difference is, we use them to propel ourselves forward instead of holding us back.
In this guide, I'll show you the four approaches I use every day (on myself and my clients) to transform limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours, into new possibilities that will help you to manifest your greatness into the world.


These programs are designed to take you through the business and marketing side of growing a coaching business, whilst ensuring that you stay true to you. Your unique gifts, talents and passions are what will make your business stand out (and give you joy!)

Impact and income accelerator

High impact, high accountability live (small) group coaching programme with hotseating, that will take you from confused and burnt out coach to high impact and high revenue. You'll get clear on who you serve and how, what your business model is and what your offers are, you'll set up your lead magnet and email nuture sequence, get feedback on your website and messaging, start bringing people into your sphere of influence, and understand how to put your first passive income product together.
Word of excited warning: this whole programme is made fun, fun, fun! It is not for you if you don't like joy, okay? It IS for you if you want guaranteed results, a whole lot of love and laughter, and a great bunch of people to do it with.

4 weeks

Struggling to get your coaching business off the ground? Press reset. Come into firm foundations, and we'll work together  to help you go from utter confusion to complete clarity.
You'll blast the mind-monkeys that are holding you back, get clear on whom you serve and how, and know how to begin attracting and serving those clients so that you get your business off the ground with confidence.

6 months

If you're determined to get your business moving as quickly as possible so that you can be successfully serving tens or hundreds of people within the next 6 months, this is the program for you. It will combine deep coaching to help you move past your blocks and get clear on your path, and consultancy to help you nail your business.

Includes done for you tech set up (email delivery, automation and course content creation), website build, copywriting, design and planning.

Only 4 spots available per year. Five figure investment.


If you'd like real clarity now and understand the next steps you need to take to move forward, you can book a power hour with me.. now! I'll meet you where you're at - whether you've got mindset blocks, or want me to deep dive into your website - and provide recommendations for taking your and your business to the next level
BOOK NOW - £300

"I had no tech skills and a fear of social media - and still sold my course on first launch"

  • "Elisa seemed to know what I needed help with more than I did: streamling my brand and systems. Elisa is a genius with words and completely understood what tone and vision I had for Kuxtal Market, and helped me to convey that better and more consistently across all marketing channels. She also helped me with systems and organization as it's not my strong suit, and since working together all of my employees are on the same page. I was so happy with the progress we made that I worked with her for another 3 months.


  • "I am a successful professional and had recently added Life Coaching to my resume. Unfortunately, lack of tech skills, fear of social media, and not having a clue how to market a course was holding me back. Elisa was amazingly patient with me and met me exactly where I was at. I got so much more than I had bargained forr - I ended up with a brand, social media platforms, marketing tools, and help with developing what I had thought was a completed course, but which was made even more lazer focused to my perfect client. Elisa was masterful at challenging me and made my course - which sold on first launch - more marketable."


  • If you're looking for a coach who is not only inspiring but also knows how marketing, business and people work, stop looking! Elisa is 100% true, committed and passionate about her clients' success. If this is what you want, Elisa is the right fit for you, as she is for me and my business every week.


Copyright Elisa Tidswell
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