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What you read becomes your reality. Enjoying reading yourself into a great one...
Women aren't supposed to be angry

Something that often comes up in group coaching calls with my coach, Barbara Huson, is anger - and the need for women to release it. My default position on this subject for so long was that anger didn't apply to me. As far as I was concerned, I'd never been an 'angry person'. It wasn't […]

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How to make $10k in ONE day

You are, by virtue, a creator. You think it, you say it, you act it, you manifest. You are a creator.  You have the power to create whatever you want (usually what stops people is that they don't know what they want.... that takes deep work and is one of my favourite subjects, but not […]

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Learn to pivot... quickly

This is one of my all time best pieces of advice - which I've learned the hard way (multiple times!) - for life and business.  Learn to trust yourself when it's time to pivot, and do it quickly.  I bet, right now, you can recall relationships, jobs, and other life experiences where you knew something was off […]

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How thinking about death can save your life

In the Western world, people don't talk about death. And it's killing us. How? Because we don't live our lives. If we contemplated our demise on a regular basis, it would remind us to live more. Because one day, you will leave this earthly plane. That's not a maybe, it's a will happen. And do […]

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My No. 1 tip for beating procrastination

Procrastination. Procrastination. Procrastination. One might look at the above three words and think that I am procrastinating on writing this blog post. I'm not (or am I? Always worth questioning!). I'm labouring the point that procrastination is a big fat waste of time. It's frustrating and annoying. But you already know that. That's why you're […]

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