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you know those life-changing moments...

When you know nothing will ever be the same again? Yeah, that's what happened to me too

Hi, i'm elisa

From lost to leader

It happened one normal day when my daughter was a few weeks old. I was in my bathrrom being triggered by past memories of abusive relationships. I was doused head to toe in shame, guilt and self-disgust - something which happened often, if I'm honest.

Then in a moment, I looked down at my little daughter, a tiny baby sitting happily in her bouncer, when the thought - or rather the horror - struck me:

'Oh my God. How do I stop that happening to her?'

Then came the answer: 'Elisa, you have to change'. 

In that moment I became a leader. A leader of my own life. A leader of my emotions, my thoughts and actions. 

I made a conscious decision to be the best role model I possibly could - for her, for my son... and then a little while later, for me, for my husband, for those around me.
If you want to know how I changed, then it's probably similar to your journey: I hired a coach, threw myself into personal and spiritual development, and took great amounts of massively uncomfortable action.

And I've got to say, I became a better person. A better mother. A better wife. I changed career. I started two new businesses that I'm passionate about. 

It wasn't easy. I'll correct that statement - it isn't easy: I still work on my personal growth every.single.day.

But it's worth it. 

Now, I cultivate joyfulness. Success to me is direction, purpose, presence and contribution.  I consciously recreate myself every day. Some days I take great action, some days I pivot quickly after realizing I've gone the wrong way. But I'm always moving, always growing. I want to help you do the same.


I live my life according to my values (something I had to work out) not accolades or digits (although I was once on Top of The Pops and recently edited a book for my favourite authors)
(Just thought I'd mention it...)
If it doesn't bring me joy I either don't do it, or I create joy in it
Not at option to be otherwise. When I'm not authentic, it hurts
A key to happiness. What gets me out of fear and into action
Be silly not to... since everything is made of it


Over 1000 hours of training, hundreds of hours coaching, and more than 10 years running a marketing agency

Coaching Credentials

Certified Business Coach-Consultant Mindset
NLP Practioner
Coaching Leaders
Exponential Coaching
Spiritual Psychology
Inner Child Healing
Somatic Therapy


Worked with countless SMEs, MDs and C-Suite Execs over the past 10+ years of running a marketing agency 
Professional copywriter and book editor
Brand positioning expert and marketing strategist
PR specialist

Now tell me about you

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