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You know you have a bigger contribution to make. 
Take the lead.

"Elisa brings in such deep, deep intuition, which is absolutely transformational for growth. "

  • So many times during our coaching calls, my mouth was left agape. With joyfulness, Elisa brings in such deep, deep intuition, which is absolutley transformational for growth. If you're looking for a coach, Elisa is a beautiful person to really deeply and empathetically ground you, to clarify whatever it is in your mind that's muddled up, and just help you get to the other side.


  • I will always be thankful to Elisa for our coaching.  At the end of every session I felt energized, and came away with more clarity on what was blocking my professional success. In these sessions we went deep into understanding what I truly feared, and together with a redefinition of what it means to thrive in life, I knew how to move forward and start creating things from a place of love and satisfaction." 


  • Elisa seemed to know what I needed help with more than I did in my business. After working with Elisa, I was able to put systems in place which now means that my employees are all on the same page.
    We also worked on streamlining my brand. Elisa is a genius with words and completely understood what tone and vision I had for my business, and helped me to convey that across all marketing channels. I was so happy with the progress I made that I worked with her again.


Get ready to reach your potential

What's standing between you and your potential? Often just a thought to be questioned, an emotion to be understood, a habit to be transformed. 
And a coach to do it with.

You are the key

A business program can only get you so far. If you're not getting the growth you want in life - or business - then you have to work on you. 

Committing to your growth isn't easy - you're paying for someone (me) to hold you accountable to your highest vision, to hold a mirror up to your own self-sabotaging behaviours, to challenge the stubborn thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself which do not serve your highest potential. To help you seek for truth.

You're also making the investment in yourself to explore new possibilities, and to get clear on what you really want, who you really are, and how powerfully you want to show up in the world.

It's not easy. But it's really, damn exciting. And possibily the best investment you will ever make in your life.

Overcome self-sabotaging behaviours
Gain clarity on what you want 
Explore possibilities you haven't even thought of
Take bold action
Perform better 
Be happier and more joyful
Consciously create your life, business, feelings and actions
Be your most creative, clear and authentic self
Forge better relationships

Is coaching for you?

If a voice is calling you deep inside to change, to transform, to break out of the shell that surrounds you and to create new possibilites, and if you are no longer willing to ignore that voice, you're ready for coaching

How coaching works

It's pretty simple: you and I commit to your personal transformation through regular zoom calls. You are met wherever you're at - whatever you want to work on, or whatever is coming up for you, is on the table. 
No judgement, no expectations. Just loving presence, curiosity, transformative mindset and somatic practices, and profound personal growth.

Limited 1:1 spots

1:1 coaching places are extremely limited and is on an application only basis. I am selective about who I work with because I don't compromise - I want you to get the best experience out of coaching and vice versa. If we're not a good fit, I'll recommend some of my incredible coaching colleagues to you.


6 weeks (6 x 1 hr)
Change takes time. Insights and growth often happen between sessions - but so do the gripping fears of old habits and the ego. If you want to move beyond some of the things which you've known, for a long-time, have held you back, and you want to get clearer on what you do want - and make steps towards making that happen, presence is for you


3 months (12 x 1 hr)
If you want to powerfully commit to your personal growth, are willing to deep dive into your most present limitations, and explore radical new possibilities, Master is for you. You'll begin to gain profound understanding of yourself, what's been holding you back and how you can move forward.  You'll become practiced in methods to transform yourself and gain a clear understanding of who you want to be.


6 months - 1 year, weekly
Alchemy is my long-term coaching options are only available to select coachees who have previously completed presence or master.


No expectation. If I think I might be the right person to help you, I will say so. If I'm not, I'll offer you my best advice to help you on your journey, such as recommending colleagues that may be a good fit for you.
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