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1:1 coaching for leaders and business owners wanting to be the change
What is it that holds you back from reaching your potential, from sharing the full expression of who you are, from contributing your gifts and talents to the world? 
It's you. 
The exact same 'you' we're going to transform.
"The master key to self-mastery is self forgetting" 
Abdu'l Baha


'Better' is the natural expression of the human spirit

Let go of self-imposed limitations

You're here because you want to be better. A better parent, a better partner, a better business owner, a better leader, a better human. You also know that you, your children, your colleagues, your community deserve better. 

You know this because better is the natural order of things. We are designed to progress. This is why we don't feel good when we're stuck.

The work that we'll do together will be on you. It will be tapping into your potential and what's possible, it will be you becoming a more conscious, loving and bold creator. It will be uncovering and transforming all of the limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours that have been holding you back. 

It's not for everyone. Everyone is capable of it, but not everyone will do it. 

If you're ready to co-create magic, and have me hold you accountable to your highest self and most grand vision, let's go for it.

Improve your relationships
Transform your business
Become the role model you want to be for your children
Create meaning and fulfilment
Overcome self-sabotaging behaviours
Find peace and joy
Increase your time and value
Perform better and increase your productivity
Be happier and more joyful
Make an impact in the world
Help others from your endless source
Leave a legacy

Can you help me with my business, too?

Yes. I am a Certified Business Coach-Consultant, host of Evercoach's Certified Business Coach qualification, and ran a marketing agency for over 10 years. I can consult the problems and opportunties in your business.

Want help with your team? Contact me or see my corporate programs.

Limited 1:1 spots

I work with less than a handful of 1:1 coaching clients at any one time. If you'd like to work with me in this way, get in touch. 1:1 agreements range from £4,000 - £45,000


1 day intensive and follow up
We'll work together for an entire day to understand to the truth of where you are now,  to get total clarity on where you want to be, and to begin transforming some of the major blocks which have been holding you back. 
You will leave lighter, with more love, understanding and compassion for yourself than you have ever had, plus a clear plan of action to take you forward. We'll then catch up two weeks later to celebrate the changes you've made, to see where you're struggling, and what you can do - precisely - to support yourself in moving forward.
This will be held via zoom or in London.


6 months 
If you want to powerfully commit to your personal growth, are willing to deep dive into your most present limitations, and explore radical new possibilities, Master is for you. You'll begin to gain profound understanding of yourself, what's been holding you back and how you can move forward.  You'll become practiced in methods to transform yourself and gain a clear understanding of who you want to be.


1 year
Alchemy is my long-term coaching options are only available to select coachees who have previously completed presence or master.


I also offer a scholarship for emerging leaders. My one requirement is that you genuinely want to serve humanity and put your skills and talents into changing your world, and the world.

Scholarship fees are £2,500 for 3 months. One spot available. 
APPLYTo apply, please put 'scholarship' in the subject line
 and tell me what you want to create in the world
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